Donate to us now!

Wavey_happyThis is Wavey, our mascot swordfish. He has a dream, which is to meet the love of his life. With our help, we can help him to achieve his goals. So, how can you help?
donate-buttonIf you have a bit of spare change, we would really appreciate it if you use it to help our cause. You can check out the Beneficiary tab to see who our beneficiary is for this year! Donate to our cause now to help us reach our target goal of $35 000!

Why we encourage donations via FunDonate:
For every dollar donated (minimum $20, maximum $1000), FunDonate tops up a dollar to our cause. FunDonate will supplement up to $5000 dollars for each event, and so we hope that we will be able to reach this amount to help Wavey move towards his dreams. But more importantly, the money raised will go into enhancing the lives of many others.

What if you can’t afford to donate $20?
Don’t fret! You can always

  • Gather a group of friends to sum up $20
  • Post on our FaceBook page to find other like-minded people to donate together (also help us to like and share our page)
  • Ask your parents and relatives for help

Support us today! 🙂



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