Mini-event with SportCares




Last Saturday, on 21 June 2014, we had the honour to meet and greet our beneficiary from SportCares for the second time. From 5pm to 7pm at Jurong Stadium, we played station games with them while they taught us how to play football. It was challenging to dribble the ball amongst the skillful players, but they were really helpful in guiding and instructing us. We also mingled around with the boys and learnt about some of their personal stories. These boys may look young and innocent, but they are strong fighters at heart, and I really awe them for their courage and determination. They spoke of Saturday Night Lights (a programme in SportCares where the boys play football as a form of empowerment instead of idling their time away) with such great passion, enthusiasm, and gratitude, which further encourage my team and I to work even harder to reach our goals! Do help us by clicking on the support button and see which ways you can lend a hand in our cause!

You can take a look at the games in our facebook album here! These games will continue to undergo a rigorous improvement process so that we will be ready to present the best that we can on 6 September! We can’t wait!


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