Frequently Asked Questions

What are the aims of this swimathon?

  • To increase public awareness of our beneficiary’s meaningful social cause through creating greater interactive opportunities with the general public
  • To raise funds as a collective effort to help sustain the efforts of our beneficiary
  • To continue promoting the spirit of a healthy lifestyle through swimming, while making a positive impact in society

How old must I be to participate in the swimathon?

This year, we welcome all participants of all ages to take part in our main categories (10 laps, 20 laps, or infinity swim). Registration details can be found on our sign up sheet at the Support page.

How long is a lap?

A lap is the length of a swimming pool.

What happens if I forget the number of laps I swam? 

Do not worry, our volunteers will be giving swimmers a rubber band for each lap they have swam (as seen in the picture below). Also, they will make a mental note of each swimmer and will inform you once you have completed your swim.



What is the Infinity swim about?

The Infinity swim is an unlimited swim where participants complete as many laps as possible in 1.5 hours. During the swim, it is possible for swimmers to leave the pool for a short break before heading back to continue their swim. There is no age limit but participants are highly recommended to be careful of their safety and stop whenever they feel any form of discomfort. Winners of the Infinity swim will be presented with trophies.

What will I get after signing up for the swimathon?

All participants will be entitled to a goodie bag, insurance for the swim, and a certificate. Those who have completed the requirements for their swim (10 lap, 20 lap, infinity swim) will be given a swimmer’s shirt (for infinity swim), or a swimmer’s singlet (for 10 and 20 lap swim). But most of all, by participating in the swim, the sense of achievement and feeling of generosity for doing goodwill is the best gift that the swimathon can present to you.

How is the safety of the participants ensured?

The safety of the participants is the top priority for the organisers.

Water points will be set up to prevent dehydration. Volunteer lifeguards will be engaged from the University Lifeguard Corps to complement the existing lifeguards on duty. Depending on the discretion of the professional lifeguards on duty, the event will continue if there is only small drizzle. If heavy rain persists for one hour before the event, the event may be cancelled.

An Automated External Defibrillator and First Aid Kit will be made readily available on the event day and volunteer medical personnel will be on hand to ensure that any casualties would receive the fastest and best possible care. Furthermore, the participants will be asked to indicate their blood type, drug allergies, medical history and emergency contact information prior to the event. The organizers will be having a copy of these details of all participants on the day of the event. An ambulance will be on standby for emergency purposes.

Singlet and Event Tee measurements

Singlet and Event Tee are in sizes XS to XL. Measurements can be found according to this chart.Roundneck shirt size (Unisex)


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